View all of our different staining options available for our products!

A Variety of Options

These samples are displayed to show approximate colors. To ensure accuracy we recommend using wood samples to select your stain.

Brown Maple Frost

Brown Maple Sand

Brown Maple Tundra

Brown Maple Argos

Brown Maple Driftwood

Brown Maple OCS-101

Brown Maple Seely

Brown Maple Boston

Brown Maple Michaels Cherry

Brown Maple Asbury

Brown Maple Antique Slate

Brown Maple Cappuccino

Brown Maple Husk

Brown Maple Smoke

Brown Maple Mission Maple

Brown Maple Coffee

Brown Maple Rich Cherry

Brown Maple Rich Tobacco

Brown Maple Bing Cherry

Brown Maple Onyx

Cherry Frost

Cherry Sand

Cherry Argos

Cherry Tundra

Cherry Driftwood

Cherry Natural

Cherry Seely

Cherry Acres

Cherry Washington

Cherry Medium

Cherry Boston

Cherry Michaels Cherry

Cherry Asbury

Cherry Antique Slate

Cherry Cappuccino

Cherry Husk

Cherry Smoke

Cherry MX

Hickory Frost

Hickory Sand

Hickory Natural

Hickory Seely

Hickory Driftwood

Hickory Smoke

Hickory Cocoa

Hickory Onyx

Red Oak Frost

Red Oak Sand

Red Oak Argos

Red Oak Tundra

Red Oak Driftwood

Red Oak Natural

Red Oak OCS-101

Red Oak Fruitwood

Red Oak MX

Red Oak Seely

Red Oak Acres

Red Oak Washington

Red Oak Medium

Red Oak Boston

Red Oak Provincial

Red Oak Michaels Cherry

Red Oak Harvest

Red Oak Asbury

Red Oak Antique Slate

Red Oak Cappuccino

Red Oak Husk

Red Oak Smoke

Red Oak Onyx

QSWO Argos

QSWO Driftwood

QSWO Tundra

QSWO Seely

QSWO Medium

QSWO Boston

QSWO Provincial

QSWO Michaels Cherry

QSWO Asbury

QSWO Antique Slate

QSWO Cappuccino


QSWO Smoke