Cleaning Recommendations
The only thing you really need to clean our furniture is a damp cloth. Dry dusting or wiping can cause harm to the furniture’s finish by scraping small dirt particles onto the surface. If you wish to use a polish,avoid products with silicone, wax solvents or abrasives.

Nail Polish Remover
Avoid using nail polish remover on or near our furniture. Although we use high-quality heat and moisture resistant finishes on our furniture, nail polish remover will cause severe damage.

Sunlight Exposure
Try to place your new furniture in an area of your home where the sun will not shine directly on it. Continual exposure to sunlight (and fluorescent lights) can cause changes to the wood and/or finish.

Heat Exposure
Avoid placing your furniture in an area where a heat source is directed toward the furniture. Try to find a place where there is good air circulation to avoid damage to your new investment.

Humidity Control
If the humidity in your home is too low, it may cause your furniture to dry out or crack. High levels of humidity may result in your furniture warping. The best environment for your furniture is to keep the relative humidity level in your
home around 40–45%.

Furniture care that contains no wax and no silicone

Heirloom Essentials® Fine Furniture Polish has been tested and proven to successfully work on our varnish. Heirloom Essentials has been tested and is safe to use on all finishes, but should always be tested for compatibility. Our Fine Furniture Polish does not contain silicone, wax or ammonia, which means, it will not leave a film, waxy buildup or soften the varnish on your furniture. This gives you the ability to have your furniture refinished years from now, if you wish to change your color scheme or simply refurbish a family heirloom that has been passed down through generations.

We have chosen the most delicate cleansing agents and finest of oils to gently clean, moisturize and preserve wood and varnish. It’s unlike any other polish you’ve used. Proper furniture care is important not only to maintain the quality of your furniture, but ensuring that your environment is truly clean. Heirloom Essentials offers Spotless Cleanser for everyday cleaning in combination with our fragranced Fine Furniture Polish, to maintain the luster of your fine furniture.

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