Natural Wood Product Care

Natural Wood Characteristics

Wood is a natural product that will go through seasonal changes, expanding or contracting under changing temperature and humidity conditions especially if the environment is not humidity controlled.

It is common that changes in temperature and humidity may cause wood to have surface checks. These are not flaws in the wood but rather nature’s “beauty marks” which make each piece of furniture truly unique.

Wood Finishes

Amish-crafted solid-wood products contain a catalyzed heat and moisture resistant finish able to withstand most spills, including water, wine, soda, nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol, perfectly suitable for the wear and tear of everyday use.

Proper Care

When cared for properly your solid wood furniture will become a piece of timeless beauty, one that will be treasured for generations and with a little TLC, you can ensure your new piece looks just as great years from now as it does today.

Protecting the Finished Surface

To protect the surface finish, it is recommended to use placemats under rough plates, trivets to protect from the heat of serving dishes, and a tablecloth when serving large groups. For glasses, just wipe off any condensation when you’re done. Any piece used as a work surface could be permanently etched if something is pressing too hard (i.e., with a pen or pencil) without a pad underneath. In addition, if your piece is exposed to a lot of sun, try not to leave something sitting on the solid-wood furniture for a long time.

Routine Cleaning

A damp cloth is all you really need to keep your piece looking great. Dust carefully with a microfiber cloth in the direction of the wood grain to remove everyday abrasive particles from wood surfaces. If you choose to polish your table, avoid products with silicone, wax, solvents or abrasives.

Stable Environment

Just like us, solid wood furniture is always breathing. Very high levels of humidity can lead to warping and swelling, while very dry air may cause shrinking or cracking. If you are not comfortable with the humidity level, neither is your furniture. It is recommended to maintain the level of humidity at around 35 percent.

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