Burress Materials

The Amish see furniture making as an art admired for both its beauty and integrity. They have been making handcrafted, solid wood heirloom furniture for centuries passing down the craft from generation to generation.

Custom Made Furniture

Your furniture is an important investment for you and your family.  A quality, handcrafted piece of furniture will last your whole life, and possibly generations to come. It will also grow more beautiful as it ages. We’re here to help you create the perfect furniture pieces that not only look beautiful, but work well in your home.

Natural Wood Product Care

Wood is a natural product that will go through seasonal changes, expanding or contracting under changing temperature and humidity conditions especially if the environment is not humidity controlled.

Who are the Amish?

The Amish are a humble people that strongly believe in the ways of their Forefathers. continuing to live, dress, and worship as the Amish had a hundred years ago. Therefore, the Amish deny themselves the help of modern conveniences, such as the telephone,...

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